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由美國Beekley Medical® 專業醫療機構團隊所研發出的天然有機植物芳香個人護理產品Elequil aromatabs®, 簡單的通過香氣, 帶給你的身, 心, 靈都可以即時得到護理同呵護。

有關產品詳情, 可以按此瀏覽 。[ 產品解說 ]


1.    Determine the scent level of the Elequil aromatabs Tab by selecting Max scent for the full effect of the essential oil or Min scent for a lighter effect of the essential oil.

2.    Using your thumb, press down and hold the self-adhesive aromatherapy tab in place on the paper backing. With your other hand, pull and tear the clear cellophane pouch away from you at the preferred notch to expose the scented tabs.

3.    Lift the self-adhesive aromatabs off the paper backing.

4.    Place a self-adhesive aromatabs on the upper chest or back of clothing or hospital gown during use. 

1.通過選擇“MAX”來達到芳香貼的全部效果,或者選擇“MIN”來使芳香貼的效果,從而確定調整Elequil Aromatabs芳香貼的氣味水平。

2.用拇指按住自粘式芳香貼,將其放在紙背上。 用另一隻手將透明的玻璃紙袋從您喜歡的缺口處拉出並撕開,露出帶有香味的標籤。



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