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How clinical aromatherapy works?


Impact on the limbic system

The limbic system is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain that controls basic emotions, behavior, long-term memory, and smell. When we smell something it’s our limbic system that stores and then interprets the emotional significance of an aroma. This is why an essential oil can instantly trigger a behavioral response in our body and why certain aromas put us on guard while others calm us down.




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Elequil aromatabs® act as a conversation starter with patients and is also helpful for staff. It can also be offered to help comfort family members & caregivers.

Where Elequil® is used:

MRI, Pre & Post Op, ICU, ED, Radiology, Cancer Centers, Labor & Delivery, Quiet At Night Programs, Hospice, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Dental Practices, and system-wide Integrative Medicine Programs to name a few.


Discover hospital-proven*


100% pure essential oils in a unique controlled delivery system. Available in 4 formulations lasting 8 hours or more:

Lavender and Lavender-Sandalwood to help promote relaxation, comfort, and sleep

Lavender-Peppermint to promote relaxation during pain, calm anxiousness, and soothe queasiness Orange-Peppermint to uplift, energize, and soothe queasiness.






*used in over 1,700 hospitals & healthcare facilities nationwide




High quality Essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated, hydrophobic liquids (liquids that are incapable of combining with or dissolving in water), containing aroma compounds extracted from plants. It’s important to know that not all essential oil products are high quality. Beekley Medical® is committed to using essential oils that are 100% authentic and free of pesticides and synthetics. In order to verify therapeutic-quality, an independent lab tests each of our essential oils to ensure purity.

香薰精油是濃縮的疏水性液體(不能與水結合或溶解在水中的液體),其中含有從植物中提取的芳香化合物。重要的是要知道並非所有的精油產品都是高質量的。Beekley Medical®致力用100%植物提取的真實精油,不含農藥和合成的精油。為了驗證治療質量,我們的每種精油都會獨立安排實驗室測試,以確保純度。

Aromatherapy vs. fragrance

Aromatherapy is the use and application of pure essential oils to promote physical, psychological, and emotional balance. Each essential oil has a unique effect such as soothing queasiness, rejuvenating, calming, etc.

Fragrances, which might smell good, are manufactured scents that can include synthetics, pesticides, or other harmful substances and as such do not provide the same therapeutic benefits as aromatherapy.


香水聞起來很香, 但是人造香料,其中可能包含合成物質,農藥或其他有害物質,因此不能提供與芳香療法相同的治療效果。

Why choose Elequil®Aromatabs®

Aromatherapy as an alternative holistic intervention is not new, however, current methods including oils applied to cotton balls and diffusers can be messy to use and subject to inconsistencies. As a result, the desired impact can vary from day to day and patient to patient.

芳香療法作為一種替代性的治療方式並不是什麼新鮮事,但是,當前的方法(包括應用於棉球和擴散器的油脂)使用起來會很雜亂,並且會出現不一致的情況。 結果,期望的影響可能每天都在變化,並且患者之間可能有所不同。

100% pure essential oils in a unique controlled delivery system

  • Consistent amount of oils - perfect for clinical studies or an evaluation

  • Adheres to clothing - perfect for all patients, especially those incapable of holding a product or who have impaired motor skills

  • Does not contain any metal/foil - acceptable for use in OR, MRI and anywhere else where metal/foil can be an issue

  • Min/Max tear - allows customization of scent based on need and preference

  • Easy to use, disposable, complies with Infection Control policies

  • Patient-friendly - always stays within the zone of the patient wherever they go, even if it’s outside of the hospital setting.


  • 精油量一致性-非常適合臨床研究或評估

  • 粘貼式-適合所有消費者及患者,特別是那些無法握住產品或運動技能受損的患者

  • 對患者友善-無論走到哪裡,總是會留在病人的區域內,即使在醫院外的環境中。

  • 最小/最大撕裂度-允許根據需要和偏好定製香氣

  • 易於使用,一次性使用,符合感染控制政策

  • 不含任何金屬/箔-可以用於OR,MRI醫療檢測因為存在金屬/箔的產品對醫療檢測就會出現精準問題, 影響結果

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