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About Us

Image by Oscar Helgstrand
Image by Jacek Dylag


Essential oils have been around for millennia, it is being used by many different cultures in  variety ways.  Each oil is made of many components which combine to provide its  psychological characteristic profile.  When choosing an essential oil, it is important to consider the specific physical properties of the oil.


My love for essential oil developed when one of my friends gave me a bottle of Rose essential oil. I fell in love with its aroma. I did not truly discover essential oil’s magic until I started taking Aromatherapy course. Essential oils treat the whole person's mind and body, and spiritually. When we love something, emotion can drive our action. That is the reason why I decided to establish “Reborn”. Essential oil is a nature precious gift, my hope is to let more peoples enjoy it.



- By our founder


​Since 2018, Reborn Aromatherapy established Aromatherapy online Store in Hong Kong. What started out as a hobby has now become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We're proud to resource good quality, natural and organic products  worldwide. Our love for our Reborn Aromatherapy online Store drives who we are and what we do. We expect everyone to be smiling and happy after using our products every day.

Reborn Aromatherapy was founded in 2018 and since the first day in business, we’ve been bringing the best selection natural and organic products and merchandise to our customers.  We’re driven by our dedication to the best products and service to all customers. We can’t help but smile with pride every time when you walk into our store excited about the great selection, and walks out with satisfaction. It means we’ve done our job right. We invite you to get in  touch with us to explore more about our store, or simply drop by to say hi in person!


We're proud to have completed IFPA Aromatherapy diploma course. We got IFPA Certificate. IFPA ( International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists). The IFPA is the largest aromatherapy specific professional practitioner organisation in the UK, involved in supporting aromatherapists and improving standards of education and practice in aromatherapy.

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